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Founded on the values of principled support, we deliver high quality people and tailored professional services to our clients. Lukos is a proven prime contractor – currently performing on multiple, large contracts across the country and overseas.

Training and Exercises – realistic, multi-role training for special operations and conventional forces.

Security Cooperation – Analyzing requirements, plans, funding, and activities for engagement with our allies to develop, implement, and assess global partnership activities.

Intelligence – identifying threats to our national security through in-depth analysis of multi-source information.

Training & Operations
Training Analytics

Lessons Learned - global collection, analysis, outreach, and dissemination of relevant observations, insights, and lessons.

Training Analysis – Training subject matter experts collect and analyze data, and develop measures of effectiveness to improve joint training programs.

Advanced Data Modeling - Provide data collection, management, and statistical analyses to improve our clients’ personnel and operations.

Engineering and Research & Development – Engineering and program analysis support to early-stage development of technology requirements

Technical Program Support - Developing systems to include software integration, testing, information assurance, training, and logistics

Technical & Engineering
Acquisition & Procurement

Program Management – Acquisition program management for advanced military programs.

Logistics – Long-range planning to ensure system sustainment and training for units throughout a system’s lifecycle.

Budget & Finance – Budget and program analysis and tracking for long-term financial stability and execution.

Military Resiliency – Behavioral health and medical services to improve resiliency in military forces.

Healthcare Support and Human Performance - Deliver a variety of experts to support the advancement of healthcare and medicine, human performance, human integration, medical delivery process improvement, technical analyses, and human-centered research.

Medical & Behavior Health
Information Technology

Application Development and Information Technology Management – Developing an innovative mobile application to deliver multimedia training content to enhance continuous learning via a flexible platform.