Joint Commands

Lukos regularly works with joint organizations such as the combatant commands or other specialized organizations leveraging all four military services’ strengths. Our goal is to provide solutions benefitting all the military services. Some of the services we are providing and have provided for this community include:

  • Developed an innovative mobile application for the Defense Health Agency to deliver multimedia training content to special operations medics via a flexible platform. This application development supports the critical mission of saving lives on the battlefield using the latest Tactical Combat Casualty Care techniques.
  • Training subject matter experts and Operations Research Systems Analysis to survey combatant command programs, collect and analyze data, and develop measures of effectiveness to improve joint training programs
  • Assist the command to detect, deter, and mitigate insider threats posed by individuals determined to cause high-impact national security damage or workplace violence
  • Providing senior logistic and translation support in South American host nations to assist in the successful execution of the counter illicit trafficking mission
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