Lukos is an OASIS Prime Contractor

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Lukos has been awarded five OASIS prime contracts

Pool 1 Small Business – 47QRAD20D1155

Pool 3 Small Business – 47QRAD20D3121

8(a) SubPool 1 – 47QRAD20D8161

8(a) SubPool 3 – 47QRAD20D8319

8(a) SubPool 4 – 47QRAD20D8401

Corporate OASIS Program Manager (COPM)

Garth Arevalo, oasis @

Corporate OASIS Contract Manager (COCM)

Brian Heaps, oasis @

GSA’s OASIS Tier 3, Best-in-Class (BIC) solutions make procuring complex professional services expedient by maximizing streamlined acquisition processes.

Contact us if you are looking to use the OASIS contract or partner with Lukos on an OASIS opportunity.

For more information on the OASIS contract, see this GSA quick reference guide

OASIS Overview

The GSA OASIS contract supports government agencies in acquiring complex hybrid program management, management consulting, financial, logistics, engineering and scientific professional services. GSA’s goal in creating OASIS SB is to provide a total solution to agencies’ requirements, while maximizing opportunities for small businesses. The OASIS vehicle can be used by all Federal agencies and GSA approved entities and is designed to address agencies’ need for a full range of service requirements that integrate multiple professional service disciplines with the flexibility for all contract types and pricing at the task order level.

The core disciplines of the contract include:

  • Program management services;
  • Management consulting services;
  • Logistics services;
  • Engineering services;
  • Scientific services; and
  • Financial services

OASIS provides support for Commercial and Non-Commercial requirements, which means any contract type may be utilized. These contracts:

  • Span many areas of expertise and mission spaces;
  • Span multiple professional service disciplines;
  • Allow flexibility for all contract types, including hybrids and cost-reimbursement, at the task order level; and
  • Allow ancillary support components, commonly referred to as Other Direct Costs (ODC), at the task order level.

OASIS SB Service Offerings

OASIS facilitates agency management of its SB program and goals through awards in every SB category, including socioeconomic categories and the provision of business intelligence via dashboards on SB performance. Through the use of OASIS, customer agencies receive small business credit, and it supports competition, even in socioeconomic categories. Agencies can reserve task orders for exclusive competition among SB categories, including:

  • 8(a) business development participants
  • Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) SB concerns
  • Service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) concerns
  • Economically disadvantaged women-owned small business concerns
  • Women-owned small business concerns eligible under the Women-Owned SB Program.

Through OASIS, agencies can plan socioeconomic set-asides to meet their goals and support 8(a), HUBZone, and SDVOSB direct awards.

Longer-term Planning

OASIS has no program ceiling, a five-year base and one five-year option, and provides for long-term planning for complex program requirements.

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